My name is Asmo Turunen. I'm a 22 years old photographer and digital artist from Joensuu, Finland. I have been a hobbyist photographer and photo editor about two years, and now is the time to take my photography journey to the whole new level. The last year I have been more focused on live music photography and festival/event photography, and oh wow, it is truly the thing which I really enjoy the most. Currently I'm highly interested in all kind of music related photography and capturing those amazing vibes and moments.

Why live music photography? On festivals and live music events the visuality is a huge part of the experience. The artist's feelings and the audience's feelings, in general the whole interaction between the artist and the audience combined with incredible visuality is just pure magic and happiness. When these amazing and unique feelings are captured in images and combined with my visual vision on boosting the vibes, the moments of the images are at least re-experienceable.

In photography and editing photos for me the most important thing is visuality and vibes, being able to capture and create the certain atmosphere and transmit it to others. The best feeling ever is when I manage to capture and create a picture which others can also feel. The very unique and magnificent feeling when you can create the whole atmosphere from scratch, is incredibly rewarding.

I don't have any so specific style on my edits and pictures, I create and edit each one of them individually and the way that I like and feel them most. Also I don't use any stock photos, all the material is my own captured.